Monday, May 30, 2011

Caching in Arkansas

For Memorial Day this year, we decided to take a trip to relax in Hot Springs, AR. This was a great idea, so Lisa, James, Evan, and I packed up and headed out there Saturday morning. We found several caches on the way there, our favorite being one INDOORS. Took us a while to even think to look there - was different from what we were used to, and we appreciated it.

After settling in and relaxing that night with a boat tour of the lake, we got a good night's rest and set out Sunday morning with no particular aim in mind other than exploring the area. This of course meant driving in the mountains and finding geocaches. We ended up seeing some great sites, including the impressive gallery of a rock shop in the area (the quartz is quite amazing). We also found some rather large puddles of water as a result of the recent heavy rains, a couple of which forced us to turn around (we are in a CRV, but an old and grumpy one).

We visited the science museum and spent a lot of time there - very nice place, especially if you had kids to bring. Grabbed a cache placed outside of it, but wish we hadn't, as three of the four of us discovered ticks over the course of the next day.

We headed back to town and walked around the main drag (and, of course, cached along the way). I've been caching in a downtown environment before (Ft. Worth, TX), but this was a quite different experience. These caches are quite out in the open (to us, at least), but they've been there forever untampered by muggles. Quite impressive.

We also picked up a few things on the way back to Dallas, but more than anything, I got ant bites...

Some of my favorite caches from this trip:
Rock Hounds (owners are nice and helpful if you need it)
Upon The Arrival (great story)
Travel Bug Outhouse
GOOGLING HRPTY HRRS (neat carving on site)