Sunday, May 29, 2016

Visiting some cemetery caches on Memorial Day weekend

For Memorial Day, we decided to stop by some cemeteries and pay our respects. Our first cemetery was for the Forgotten Cemetery, where we did encounter others also visiting. The cache itself was rather typical (if not a little muddy), but really we felt this was a nice stop to start the day.

The next cemetery we visited (Mobley Cemetery) was a little off the beaten path and well-hidden. If we hadn't had directions to help us get there, we would have never known this cemetery existed. It is a small family cemetery and there was a table and chairs for those visiting.

Our last stop was in a larger cemetery which was quite well maintained, Sowers Cemetery. This one also had several older graves, as well as many children. I also get pretty sad when I look and see a family who lost many members around the same time period, and some quite young, which seemed to be pretty common in the sections we visited. The cache was quite well hidden and probably the best hide of the day.

There was a bit of time for reflection, and I'm glad I got to think about my family and friends who are no longer with us. Everything really was at peace.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Geocaching in Hawaii!!!

I am super excited that we finally made it out to Hawaii! It was a fantastic vacation and we did and saw so many cool things, including finding some caches.

Our first stop was in Kauai, where we enjoyed some snorkeling and ATVs along with general sightseeing. During one of the scenic drives, we found a geocache with a GREAT view: Hanalei Bay View.

We spent a bit more time in Maui, and as a result, had some more finds here. While driving the road to Hana, I noticed a geocache a little off the path that led us to a spot we wouldn't have even noticed and are VERY glad to have stopped at: As The Waves Pound The Lava Rock.

Further along on the same drive, we caught up with another cache hanging out near a general store. This was another fun stop with art by local artists and good snacks. And a lot of goodies to look through :) Beer, Ice-cream or Candy

Our last Hawaii cache was my favorite and a little bit of a surprise. Don't get me wrong - Hawaii is beautiful and all of the locations we went to were great little spots we wouldn't have found with a geocache guiding us there. Also - learned to download the caches cause there is pretty spotty service in many areas. In any case, I just love how different this part of the island was - dry, windy, and lots of grass - not like what I pictured all of Hawaii to be like. Cactus included :) Big Island Lookout. At this spot, in addition to logging the cache, I picked up a travel bug to transfer to my lovely dog-sitter Lysax13.

And, while not related to the caching, here are some pretty dang neat videos anyways from the trip.