Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Caching on Leap Day

One of my goals for caching over the next couple of years (and likely to make it onto my sidebar shortly) is to fill out the "Finds for Each Day of the Year". And since Leap Day only happens once every four years, even though I felt like crap and kinda like just falling asleep, I managed to make it out for on cache to celebrate the day. It was a quick grab, really, but a lot better than a silly lamp post find at least!

It Was A Theatre, For Heaven's Sake

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday cachers

To say that I'm behind on my goals for the year is an understatement. But, I am getting there, and this weekend was a good start on playing catch up.

We started by performing maintenance on one of my caches. I hopped over to check and found it in a few minutes. Not exactly where I placed it, but looks like there were some changes in the trees and it is going to stay in its new home.

Next, we headed east quite a ways to find a few in the Math School series. But...I left the GPS at home and my phone wasn't cooperating at this point, so we didn't have too much luck. Out of the three we looked for, we found one before deciding to come back another day with the GPS.

Since we had plans to go caching with Dan in the afternoon, we made a leisurely drive towards home and cached along the way. Several PNGs, some of them were quite interesting.

After catching up with Dan, we found some caches along a very nice park in Addison. This is going to become a good place for me to get my walking in. Plus, there is a community garden, and I found the environment very pleasant.

All in all, found 11 on Sunday, and though I wish that were a higher number, I'm happy to at least be that much further along.

Some of the more fun ones on Sunday:
Over and Out at CBC - AWESOME!
Haunted Series - Herman's Sporting Goods - the story is interesting and I may do this whole series soon.
Math School - Algebra I - only four more left to find in this series!
Yaupon Railroad - nice location.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Birthday caching

Some coworkers and I set off after work for some geocaching on my birthday. In our group of four, there were two new cachers, Dhawal and Jad. So, in addition to making the hike over to the caches, we showed them how to use the navigation unit and talked about other tips of the trade.

We perhaps took the most unfortunate route to the first cache, heading under the highway from the office we work at and through the thorns and like. Once we got there, Evan and Jad stood behind (Evan was wearing shorts and the thorns were not inviting). Dhawal found the cache quickly and Jad hopped over to take a look. Dhawal and I signed and then found our way over to a narrow, long, and high crossing across a nearby creek to get to the walking path across the way. Evan could not make the crossing (he made it a few feet and then went back), so Jad (who had had to crossed already) went back while Dhawal and I waited for them to do some walking through the trees, vines, and thorns to meet up with us again.

From there, we risked the traffic on local streets and made it to the next cache location. I had a gut feeling right away on where the cache was hidden, but since we had two new folks along who had never seen this type before, I kept my mouth shut for a good 15 minutes. There was a lot of climbing things (on their part) before one of them became wise to where I was standing and finally got curious enough to locate the cache. It was the first lamppost cache for both.

Next, we walked a ways to an interesting haunt. By this time, it was quite dark, so when we stepped of the main walkway into the trees, it was fortunate that we had some bright flashlights with us. Dhawal, Jad, and I hunted around for some time before we found a rather large homemade container handing at eye level. Signed and put it back, and moved on to the next cache.

For the last cache, we walked some ways to very close to where we started out. This cache was the second lamppost of the night, and it was found much more quickly than the first. After finding it, we saw that there was no way to get back to the work office without walking into traffic, so we made a rather long hike of it back to the office.

The (interesting) caches on this trip:
Hanging Out Beyond The Grave With Msdar