Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap day cache

After catching a movie with some friends (they are getting in as many date nights as they can before their baby girl is born later this month), hubby and I stopped to find a quick cache for Leap Day. At this cache, I grabbed a travel bug, which I'll be helping move along soon.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Getting revenge on a previous DNF

A while back, we spent close to an hour looking for Rusty Bridge #4. Today, we found it. Finally!

We then headed across town to try our hand at Rusty Bridge #5 (Bridge to Nowhere). We were intrigued by the name, and since it was in the same series, we went for it. This one was much easier, and the location was just odd.

A lovely afternoon walk and many caches

Up until today, I've been sitting at 666 caches for quite a while. Since it is so pretty out, we decided to head out and get back into the geocaching groove. This was a nice walk, and we got to enjoy a very nice walking path (and some off the path). Thankfully, it is a nice day early in the year, and no poison ivy at any of these caches!

Our first couple of caches were simple, but one (Home away from home) was in need of repair. We swapped the bag and the log out since it was wet and ruined.

We then had quite a long walk to our next cache and our first encounter with thorns for the day. Given the location, we didn't expect something so fun, but it was neat find due to surroundings (W T D (Plano) # 7). We also had some fun hanging out on the bridge and playing with light.

We then looked for a few more caches in the same series (W T D (Plano) # 5, W T D (Plano) # 4, W T D (Plano) # 3, and W T D (Plano) # 2). We found three of the four. On the fourth, we found a cable tie in the tree, but no cache. The area looked flooded. However, we did find a nice friend in a nearby tree, and James got to crawl around in some thorns.

I was a bad blogger in 2015

To say that 2015 was crazy is such an understatement I don't even know where to start. So, I'm going to retroactively post some blogs for the finds I made in 2015. Sadly, I got no where near my goal (I didn't even fill in January), and there are way too many reasons to go into. However, I would say that I did an EXCELLENT job finding caches in other states and other countries with all my travel.

Number of finds38
Number of states14
Delaware, District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia
Number of countries5
Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States

For this year, I'm going to set some other goals that should be easier for me to achieve:
  1. Perform maintenance on all of my caches
  2. Find geocaches in Hawaii and Louisiana
  3. Find a geocache in Jamaica
  4. Get to 700 finds
  5. Find this cache that attacked us with fire ants and poison ivy last time!