Sunday, September 1, 2013

Night caching in San Antonio

After some introductory geocaching, Rachel and Nese got interested in the idea of going geocaching at night. So I looked up some night caches in the area and was sad that San Antonio doesn't seem to have as many of these as Dallas. I did find two fairly close together about a 15 minute drive away, so we headed out for those. Jason's sister and boyfriend joined us as well (for their first caches). So, we were a happy group of seven going to find these.

The first cache was a little longer of a walk and once we got going, everyone took turns taking the lead. We only had five flashlights, so this was careful going. However, it was well maintained and full of lots of goodies at the end. Starry Night ~ Night Cache.

The second cache was fun as well, although we had a hard time with the trail. On the way back, after finally backtracking and finding the right way, we found a missing marker on the ground, which probably explains the difficulties. Glow Worm Night Cache.

Caching in San Antonio

We spent Labor Day weekend in San Antonio with some friends, Rachel and Jason. We also got to meet their new roommate, Nese. After a party with some of Rachel's co-workers, we took a short detour and found a cache on the side of the road - a quick find and intro to geocaching for Nese: Cache with a Name.

The next day, we were looking for quirky things to do in San Antonio, and I found a few interesting places to go and see. In the end, only one was really all that interesting, and even though we didn't go there looking for a cache, we certainly found one: Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Museum. Barney is way nice and has so much history here. Pieces of the Berlin Wall, the Challenger, and seven lids of geocacher signatures :-)