Saturday, May 24, 2014

Caching in Arizona, Utah, and Nevada

Evan and I took a trip to Vegas for Memorial Day weekend, and of course we toured the casinos and had fun in Vegas. But, I'm not a big "bright lights, smoke, and gambling" gal, so we spent a day outside of the city driving and getting caches. On the way out of the city and towards Arizona, we picked up a few caches. The one in Arizona(Heart Break Hotel - Arizona was a neat old building that is mostly gone. While we were stopped, a cop decided to stop by and make sure nothing was wrong, but that was pretty easy since the car was still running. We grabbed some photos and then jumped the border.

We didn't spend much time in Arizona before leaving for Utah, but where we grabbed another: Border Jumpers ~ Old 91. The view from this cache was amazing, and so were all of the Camaros we saw while looking. We grabbed dinner and headed back to the city.