Friday, August 30, 2013

Random find on geocaching boards

I was asking to name the theme song of my life for a survey at work, so I started looking for geocaching songs cause I really had no idea what to say. While searching, I came across a list of the Top 50 Geocaching Songs, which seriously made me laugh. I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

More caching in Chicago

Again, we were up earlier than necessary, so we decided to cache. A lovely way to spend a beautiful day. I found a series call I Love Chicago, so we started looking for some of those.

The first three were in a park with a lot of green space and sculptures/status. I like walking around here because while Dallas has parks, none are like this and our weather isn't quite so lovely, either.

We then headed a little way down the road to yet another pretty park, this one seeming to be its own little island (I Love Chicago! – Osaka Gardens 2

We also went to a quirky neighborhood and explored the Graceland Cemetery. You definitely should go The Boring Store when you are in Chicago - very awesome and I loved it. I'm sure other cachers would, too.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

First cache actually in Chicago

Given how much I've been to Chicago in the last year, I'm amazed it took me this long. But many things distracted me before, and today Evan and I were just exploring and enjoying the city. We went to a museum and then walked through a nearby park before meeting up for dinner. While in the park, Evan said he had something I just had to see, so we went to it. In Millennium Park, we walked right up to the Cloud Gate and started taking pictures. And then I thought...I wonder if there is a cache at this really cool place. And, there was a virtual cache, so we started taking more pictures. This is my favorite.

Caching in Michigan and Indiana

We woke up too early for a Saturday on vacation, so we decided to make use of the extra time to find caches in two nearby states. We drove to Michigan and then stopped in Indiana on the way back. In Michigan, we went to New Buffalo, a neat little town that would actually make a peaceful vacation all on its own.

The first cache was near a local shopping establishment (which we strongly considered shopping in but decided against since we were driving) - Toddy Stop. We decided here that we really dug this town, so we decided to lookup some information at 411.

If you haven't figured it out by now, no caching trip is really complete for me without visiting a cemetery. And New Buffalo has a really nice, well maintained with. With the nice weather, breeze, and sun, I liked exploring the Pine Grove cemetery here. They also had two caches, which we were able to find without issue.

We decided to do a little gift shopping here (very neat toy store), and when we were leaving, Evan spotted something we had to get a closer look at.

After exploring a little more, we decided to start heading back to Chicago and made a few stops in Indiana.

We stopped in two cemeteries and found one cache (for the other, we looked in that tree for like 30 minutes before getting tired of sticking our hands into holes :-)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Caching north of Chicago

Today, we just decided to go for a drive and explore the area to get familiar with things. We headed north a little and stopped off for a few caches on the way back. Funny enough, both were near coffee shops. Which I just figured out when writing this...and Angela, although home in Texas, was giving us pointers by text the whole time.

Anyways, while getting dinner, I looked up nearby caches and found one that intrigued me because of its name. So we headed over to C₈H₁₀N₄O₂ and grabbed a quick find. But I do really love the name of this one. We caught a pretty sunset on the way back south.

Continuing south, we stopped for another cache after getting gas, and I really wish this one had been open when we arrived. A very nice area with bells ringing, flowers, a park across the street. And the cache was a little tricky (more to get without stepping on things I shouldn't than to find), so that added to the fun of this one. Loved It's really that good.

Our final stop of the night had nothing to do with caching, but a little carnival on the side of the road. Evan knows I love rides, so he went on the Ferris wheel with me, and watched me ride the spinny swing ride. I've always wanted to randomly go to one of these, so I'm glad we stopped.