Sunday, November 25, 2012

Caching with Evan, Fred, and Zinny in Oak Point Park

A while back, Evan, James, Lisa and I spent most of an afternoon walking through this park and finding most of the caches on one side of the park. There are few others dispersed in other areas that I've been wanting to get back and find, so we set out (Evan, Fred, Zinny, and I) to find a few of those today.

The first we got fairly close to, but then determined we'd have to cross the creek to find. Since we had the dog and clumsy me, we decided to wait on that one, and found two others that weren't too far from parking (light fading fast at this point). The second of these had great hiding ability:

Red Wood
The Perfect Cut

Cemetery caches on the way from Houston to Dallas

We left Houston to head home early, and on the way, since traffic wasn't so great, we hit the back roads and stopped by for some of my favorite caches - cemetery caches. I still find them peaceful and they were a welcome break today.

Our very first stop was not at a cemetery, but a cool art park, Metal Art Park. This place had some neat statues and art and such and was a neat stop. Not even that far off the main highway, so might be a future pit stop.

The rest of the caches really were in cemeteries, each slightly different than the other. On the way to the last, we got a little mixed up in our out-of-date maps, so the local gas company security officer stopped us and asked questions. Once we told him where we were headed, he gave great instructions to get there and what to look out for on the way (high speed trains that don't have signaled crossings). That one was trickier to get to, but very easy to find the cache inside.

I was surprised how quiet these places were today. Normally we run into other people, but these were smaller and not on high-traffic roads. There was definitely a demarcation between the old and new parts of the cemetery.

Mom's Watching You
Tombstones of Freestone County-Wilson Chapel
Post Oak

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Night time caching in Houston

Following our successful day caching with burrowfamily, we headed back towards the hotel and I realized that I am very close to 500 caches. So, we decided to find a few before heading to sleepy time. These were all very easy finds. A few that I liked a little more than the others:
Wakey Juice #2 - Chai Tea Latte
Jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge

Caching with Burrowfamily

My cousin, his wife, and their kids started geocaching recently, and since we were in town for Thanksgiving, we got together and did some geocaching. The kids had a great time finding, signing, and generally having a good time. Good thing we picked places there weren't a lot of people to cache today.

We met in the Wal-Mart parking lot, so the first cache was right near where we parked. Then we headed of around Sugarland and grabbed some neat caches:
The Geometric Garden
Trekin' to Work
C is for...

It was fun to see the kids find things, I got very excited when I found it first.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Caching in Breckenridge Park with Fred and Zinny

Fred is back in town (yeah!), so we went out caching for the afternoon with a short walk. Since we have the puppy, I made a nice little path in the park and we had a nice and relaxed afternoon. All of these caches were quick finds once we approached from the correct side, and it was a nice day to be out.

Caches for today that we liked:
See Dar Dropoff?
If you gotta go in the woods