Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Caching in Oklahoma

Took a weekend away with Evan and Dylan (my nephew), making it into a fun weekend for Dylan and some caching for me. This was actually Dylan's first time out with us, and so far I'll leave this with mixed reviews.

Friday night, we checked in and just hit the hay - or tried to. Dylan wasn't much in the sleeping mood, so really only some of us slept. Had to bribe him in the morning with the indoor pool to get him out of bed, but it was still quite amusing. He is at the age where he can hold his breathe in water or propel himself forward, but not quite both. But he sure thinks he can so this is a source of frustration.

After lunch, we drove up to Arbuckle Wilderness and took him to the drive through wildlife park. Quite fun, especially the llamas. Dylan was quite amused, said he liked it cause his legs didn't get tired, and that the donkey was the best animal ever. Quite funny to think he likes donkeys best.

Grabbed a quick lunch and headed to Turner Falls. Very glad I remembered the life jacket and swim shoes. It was quick fun, a lot of kids and music. Swam in the river and under the waterfall. I thought it was really fun, Dylan liked most of it except the sand in his shoes.

After the swim, took this as a chance to go get some caches. This being Dylan's first trip, we headed out to find some of the larger caches so there would be goodies in them. This took us to a cemetery, also a first for Dylan. I spent much more time explaining things to him than looking for a cache. Why do these people have the same last name? Why is there a tractor on this man's place? A lot of questions. Thankfully he didn't wander to the little lambs and I didn't have to think about that (that is by far my least favorite spot). Found the cache and he took a whistle, I left a glow in the dark lizard. He still has this whistle and loves to blow it, especially indoors...

Also learned on this trip that taking a four year to a port-a-potty is not a fun experience.

More swimming at the pool, and better luck with sleeping after wearing Dylan out all day. It was really fun and I'm glad this all worked out. Especially glad to have gotten some sleep.

The next morning, we hung out and swam some more, grabbed breakfast, and relaxed. We headed back around lunch and picked up a couple more caches on the way.

For this weekend, some goodies in these:
The serpent WAS here!