Monday, June 24, 2013

Waiting to Fly Home

Quite tired by now, we decided to really chill before heading home. Well, home for Evan and work trip for me. But away from vacation in a great place, nonetheless.

Found a couple of PNGs, the one listed is really memorable for me because it was covered in ants. MTSB – 50-year-old Mansion?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Caching in Downtown Ashville, NC

After driving around a bit the previous days and exploring, we decided to stay nearby and shop and visit Biltmore (awesome, BTW). While walking downtown, we found a couple of caches.

I took the above picture near one of the caches: Paley’s Passion

We also walked by some shops and this one appears to be near a cache-loving store: Natural Selection For the Birds. There were some muggles here, but not too bad.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Meeting Friends for Dinner

Evan has some friends near Ashville, so while we were there, we met them for dinner and drinks. While waiting for dinner, since we are cursed with being early birds, we found some caches near the restaurant we were meeting at. All were park and grabs, so pretty easy. But I like the one below cause of the name.

As High As Geoffrey’s Neck

Prior in the day, we had driven along the Blue Ridge Parkway - very pretty - and gone to the highest point east of the Mississippi River. Nice view.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Three States: South Carolina, North Caroline, and Tennesse

Evan and I headed out of town for our 10th wedding anniversary and decided to make this one in a peaceful location...that just so happened to be close enough to other states to help meet some caching goals.

We started our first morning in Ashville, NC by driving south to South Carolina. Not far into the state, we honed in on the cache Highway 11 Lodge Tree, which was in a very pretty location. We found this one fairly quickly and headed back into North Carolina.

After finding the cache in South Carolina, we headed back to Ashville and parked downtown for some shopping. While downtown, we stopped for a break on a bench and I decided to see if there was a cache nearby...and there was one "within 10 feet", so basically where we were...a quick grab before heading to dinner.

Tops for Caches

After dinner, we weren't quite tired yet, so headed north to Tennessee.

Once at the cache, we had no coverage, so we searched for a bit before heading back to where we had coverage, reopening the map, and then heading back to locate the cache. Had I really just stepped 10 feet further than I had in my original search we would have found it much more quickly. However, the search was well worth it, as it was quite dark when we were done and we got to enjoy seeing the lightning bugs up and down the hills. Very nice end to the day.