Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Caching Team is Back - North Texas Caching

What a great day for the team to get back together for some caching. This time, I specifically looked up the most favorited caches in the area we were near and what a blast we all had looking for them.

Of course, we logged a couple of DNFs in this journey, mainly a few that were just WAY too high up for us to even start. Maybe another time.

Our first find of the day (I ate that bison) scared made Zane jump when he found it, and the rest of us weren't all that sure about it either. But, a clever hide in a neat area.

Hoist the Colors was our next find, and after finding a way around the mud and missing the poison ivy in the area, this was find to and even more fun to get once we'd located it.

This next one was in a quiet corner of a park, although at first we were confused to what we'd find there. Another really great hide, worth all the fave points it has earned. We couldn't all get to it at once, so after Zane, Lisa, and I found it, we hid it again and sent Evan and James to take a look. 中國獵槍 "Chinese Shotgun" is worth it if you ever have a chance.

Because of a prior find, going to Park Pull and Grab was a breeze - a fun PNG, and NOT A LPC, so even better.

Our next took a while, but this is totally our own fault for making it harder that it should have been: 12-31-2013. words for our approach here.
The last was chosen by Zane on the fly, because he liked the name of the cache. We were a little concerned as we pulled up to park, and there was a lot of odd music playing randomly in the area, but the find itself was neat and well-hidden: The Ghost of Nurse Betty.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Furthest South US Cache

We had some miles ticket about to expire, so took a weekend trip to Miami and Key West. What a great drive between the two, and so happy we made it to the southern-most point in continental US! Also, since I made it to Cuba earlier in the year, this was a nice sight.

USA, all the way South