Sunday, February 16, 2014

Caching at the dog park

Since we haven't had such lovely weather, we took Zinny out for the second day in a row to the local dog park. Since I wanted to walk around, I pulled up the handy-dandy geocaching app and noticed there was a cache just off the path around the park. So after Zinny ran off her energy for a bit, we went for a walk to locate it. Sadly, the only thing left was the lid: Strong Fences.

Post-Valentine's Day Caching

We had to get out to work off the Valentine's Day chocolate, and had a beautiful day to do so. We met up with Andy, Lisa, and James at a nearby lake where there are several caches. This was our second trip to this area, and we walked past some fond memories on the way to making new ones.

There were lots of thorns today, if the names of the caches we found give you any clues:
  • Stangelina's - I've actually meant to find this one on numerous occasions when dining at either of the two places this references, but it was likely much better to have come from the direction we did.
  • Shoreline 7 - This one has an innocent enough name, but there were plenty of thorns, even in the winter.
  • 1 Is the line we like to sign another FTF... - And, you guessed it, more thorns :-)
  • Fishing #04 - Thorny Poison Fishing - Thorns in shoes, hats, pants, everywhere. The name isn't lying. Ran into some muggles on the way who asked why we were in the area, but then their dog distracted them.
  • Overgrown Street Ending - No thorns this time, but a really cool tree growing on a barrier at the end of a road.
  • Off the trail - Not a bad find, and easy enough to give Evan and Zinny time to sit and chill.
  • Shoreline 6 - A little bit of a walk since we didn't find the right path right away, but not too bad to find even though there were a few thorns and it was broken. Downside really was all the burrs that got stuck to us.
  • I Just may stick you! - More thorny fun, and our last find of the day.