Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 caching goals

I've been considering my goals for this year, and based on how well I did last year, I've made some changes and added some new goals.

Recap of 2011 Goals
  • Find 250 caches - check, I actually found 275 caches.
  • Find caches in 5 states - narrowly made this one, with a last minute trip in the middle of December.
  • Find cache in 1 other country - I didn't make this one, but will make it up this year.

2012 Goals
  • Find 300 caches
  • Find caches in 5 states
  • Find caches in 2 other countries (to make up for the one I missed last year)
  • Complete 3 challenges
  • Find 3 benchmarks

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