Monday, March 26, 2012

Out again with our awesome caching team

Sunday was a beautiful day, and we had the great fortune of getting back out with the team. Since Evan still has the boot on his foot, he was our driver, while Lisa, James, and I hopped out and found things.

We started near my house and found some nearby caches that, really, I should have found a long time ago already. One of the neatest nearby was Sit a Spell, which took us a little longer to find that it probably should have, but was still a fun location for us.

We then headed out to retry a couple of DNFs and clear those off of the list. Success on both counts!

Denton Rd. Powertrail #13 (thanks to a note from the cache owner)
Soldiers of the Empire (was replaced since our first visit)

Before wrapping up the night, took Lisa and James to find my recent night cache, which we also did some maintenance on since recent growth obscured some of the trail markers.

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