Monday, May 28, 2012

Caching our way back home

Had an early start today since it is a pretty long drive back to Dallas (especially since we plan to stop and find caches along the way). We decided to pick up a few more caches in the series we found last night, since they were scattered along the way back to our route home. We headed a *little* out of the way to a cache with Evan's name in it (Pitches -- Evan). It wasn't really any different than the others, but still kinda neat that it had his name. It also ended up on a pretty neat college campus, so it was neat to explore that one.

Heading south, once we were on the road in Kansas, there wasn't much opportunity to exit without paying a toll, so we were pretty happy when we found a cache just ahead of us on the road and a log that said free exit and great view. So, we took the exit and took a quick break. The cache was pretty easy to find, but the view was awesome (photo below taken on a bridge going over the highway.

We continued south and decided to grab some dinner in Oklahoma City. Pulled up Yelp and found a place with a good rating and headed that way. The area was packed; turns out there was an art fair setup and tons of folks around. We got a table fairly quickly at the restaraunt and peeked out the window into the booths setup around us. I decided to see if there were any nearby caches that might not be blocked off or surrounded by people. To my surprise, there were two less than 200 feet from me (with the .1 mile rule, I'm not sure how this was possible). We headed to one (stopping at booths along the way), and were glad to see there weren't any folks around. Grabbed the cache quickly and put it back just as it was. Walked over to the other cache, but it was in the middle of a group of people, so we skipped on that one.

Neat caches for the day:
Pitches -- Evan
Bazaar Cattle?
Que Paseo, Hombre

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