Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas caching in California

Evan and I arrived in California today to visit Carrie and Jason. We can totally blame them for me loving geocaching, since they took me to find my first one several years back. In any case, I was very much looking forward to going out with them.

The first night we were there was cool and drizzly, but we made it happen anyways. Because of the weather, it was fairly easy to find parking near the GZ, so we made good time with this.

The first cache, Carrie had been to before, but local security had chased her away. This time, no one was around, so we had it all to ourselves and found the cache very quickly.

The second cache was a little trickier, since my coordinates where a little off. After reading the clue and misinterpreting that several times, I made the find. Was by this point quite wet and cold, but glad to find. Log was way to wet to do anything with, though.

Third cache was exactly where we thought, even the title told us so :-)

Last cache of the night was very interesting and earned a favorite from me. By the time we had the log back in, we were all very much done with the cold and wet and headed to yummy dinner.

Bat Cache (a.k.a. Nujawb 3)

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