Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Goal Progress

Just over halfway through the year, so checking in on goal progress. I don't think that I find this report at all favorable...but I'll leave that for others to decide I suppose.

Finding 150 caches...I'm only at 17%. This doesn't really surprise me with all that's happened this year, but I had even decreased the number and I'm still having problems reaching it. Guess I'll have to try that 31 days of caching in August that the folks are promoting and see if that helps any.

Find caches in 1 country...still at 0% and likely to stay that way this year. I don't see any international travel in the year, although I may figure out a way. Next year will see a lot of places, though.

Find caches in 5 80%. This one should be easy enough to make happen. I should go to Vegas in October, but even if not, I'll find a way to do something over Labor Day weekend.

Get to top 1500 geocachers in TX...actually went down the list to 1819. Kind of a bummer here, but seeing how I'm not really finding caches, also not really a shock.

So...I really need to start caching or no way will this happen by the end of the year.

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