Sunday, March 13, 2016

Have you ever wondered where Preston Road ends if you drive north until you cannot anymore?

Today we headed out with Lesley and CJ on one of our random "where does this road end?" drives. For this adventure, we met up at Jack Macs on Preston, grabbed a quick bite to eat, then started our drive north.

I had intended to stop more for geocaches on the way, but was soon distracted by singing along to the music and catching up with friends. We did stop for one in Prosper, TX, though, and got to see a pretty old church with flowers (and bees) everywhere: Prosper Landmark #2 Old Church.

Okay, and perhaps then we found another distraction not too long later in the form of a winery we'd never heard of. But we stopped for a wine tasting at Eden Hill Vineyard and we pleasantly surprised. I really like the non-sweet reds best (as is usual), but even still, this was a pleasant (if distracting) pause in the trip north.

After that, we got back on our way and drove...and drove...and drove. We kept thinking, sure this is the end, but then we made it a little farther. And when we did find the end, we were met with a pretty view and could see (but not quite reach) Oklahoma across the lake.

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